What is my Teacher Reference number???

If you are applying to work or already working in a school, you may be asked for your Teacher Reference Number or for your registration with the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

This registration is not the same as QTS status, but the two are often confused.

The teacher education course (PGCE or CertEd) you have done with UCLan can lead to QTLS, but not QTS. QTLS is equivalent in status to QTS, but you have to apply for it.


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What is the relationship between QTLS and QTS and can I teach in primary and secondary schools if I have QTLS?

Since April 2012, FE trained teachers with QTLS have been recognised in legislation as equivalent in status to teachers with QTS in schools.  They are able to teach across all subjects and all ages on equal pay and conditions, opening up career development and wider employment opportunities.  More information about this is here: https://set.et-foundation.co.uk/professionalism/qtls/qtls-faqs/#qtlsqts


You don’t need to do an NQT year, though many schools will offer you the same development opportunities, but gaining QTLS is important for you to be paid as a qualified teacher in a school. Click on the links about Gaining QTLS.  Your school may not be very aware of QTLS so it would be useful to share this link with them. https://set.et-foundation.co.uk/professionalism/qtls/guidance-for-headteachers-and-initial-teacher-educators/guidance-for-headteachers/


The teacher’s reference number is actually related to your pension and this is only issued once you have commenced teaching in a school and it is the school which would need to contact the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) who will then confirm with SET (Society for Education and Training) that you are registered as a member of SET and the date on which you gained your QTLS, so that you can be issued with your teacher’s reference number, sometimes referred to a QTS number.  If you are not required to have QTLS, Capita (who administer Teachers’ Pensions) are able to issue a reference number themselves on request from your employer.


For information about applying for QTLS, see https://goo.gl/aWhuCe