Networks, support and sector news

One of the best ways to share the daily challenges, rewards, highlights and lowlights is through professional networks. These can be informal with staff room chats or drinks in the pub with your friends from your course or through social media and websites. Popular sites include The Guardians Teacher Network.

There are many teachers blogging and tweeting about teaching, policy, resources and many other aspects of teaching. If you’re on Twitter you might want to follow @GuardianTeach   @skillsfunding @teachertoolkit @FEweek @UClanPGCE The list is endless!!

Be careful what you put on Twitter, facebook or any social media – you don’t know who is going to read it! The basic rule is that if you wouldn’t say it to your Gran, don’t say it on Twitter!

There are a variety of websites with update on news and development in the sector but here are some of the main influencers, FE week, the Education and Training Foundation and NIACE.

Joining LinkedIn can be a useful way to make professional contacts and join groups. Do join the UClan Teacher Education LinkedIn group too, search in LinkedIn for UCLan Teacher Education.